Friday, December 5, 2008

First Round Of Invitational Has Inviting Results

The top 16 Shackers started their end of the year tournament. The format being a random course and match play event. A few surprises have already occurred in just the first round.

Pisgah_Bear defeated adonis 2 & 1. The match was very competitive. "I think Pisgah might have been on viagra," said adonis, "he was hard, strong, and relentlessly hitting his balls into all the right places. I would protest but I'm being told that viagra is not a banned substance in this guild."

HackandSlash also won his opening match against PaulCK. "I knew that I would beat him when he kept trying to putt with his TP Bomber. Off the tee that's a terrific club to use but I don't even think Kales would use his driver on the greens. Although when Kales putts its hard to tell the difference sometimes," said a very confident Hack.

BigDumbLefty continues to struggle with his overall game and lost 2 up to xzerus. "Hell, with the way I played in the match you would have thought that we played a round on Forneus and Hela," said a frustrated Lefty. "I am really starting to believe that the koreans are out to get me. I have Andy_245 looking to see if the koreans have signed any peace treaties with any other galaxies since I can't get my stars to align."

Jafo was able to get past DogsPlayingPoker by showing DPP a big shiny object on every green. "I wouldn't call it cheating exactly," said Jafo, "I like to call it distracting."

Damifino28 defeated xSINISTERx. They warmed up for the match by playing a ladder match before hand which Damifino won as well.

G8rBait lost to dibdob 3 & 2. "I really didn't think it was fair," said an upset G8rBait, "the match was close until dibdob mentioned to me that Florida Gator football was not that great and then slipped on an Ole Miss golf shirt. I just couldn't concentrate after that."

Peacefrog defeated stephencbt by forfeit. Wild-Bill and urock were sent out to find stephencbt since he didn't show up. Where they found him and what he was doing at the time was odd according to Wild-Bill. "To find stephen in his backyard wasn't that odd. However to find him in a large gold box doing snow angels in a box full of shamrocks and screaming 'Give me the luck of the irish' was, well, really sad," said a still shaken Wild-Bill.

The last winner of the first round was OlderMan who was declared the winner over BassBassist. "I was really hoping to play against Mr. Bass," said OlderMan, "but I can totally understand why he didn't show up for the match. I mean to be given a tryout opportunity to be in a ABBA cover band is just a once in a life time opportunity."