Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Semi-Pro's Join The Fold

HackandSlash is proud to report that Dibbler_Jnr, GizzmoAsus, and roughstuff all recently passed their semi-pro tests. Congrats to the boys for passing their tests.
Dibbler_Jr was heard after the round, "Thank goodness thats over."
We weren't sure if that referred to the actual round or if Sartael was "up to something". More details are to follow.
Sartael was asked afterwards if Rufus or Volcano rounds would be in her near future and she quickly blurted out, "Fuck NO!!!!!!!!!!"

BigDumbLefty Does His Part For The Economy

BigDumbLefty has attempted to keep his liquor store patrons involved in his activities before but he has really stepped up his efforts. "Lefty" has attempted to stimulate the economy in Nebraska as well as get "stimulated" in the local strip club establishments.
"Lefty is a very gentle loving man," says Abigal. "He is always stuffing $5 down my g-string instead of the typical $1 I get from murfee. Whom I believe is still underage."
We asked Abigal if there were any other patrons in the immediate area that gave her a hard time.
"Well Jafo is "ok" but he says I'm not tall enough for his tastes. paC is nice but he give me a $5 and then asks for change! Damifino is well....Damn if I know."
Lefty was reached for comment for this story however he said a "Medusa" would not allow his to make a comment at this time. However he did give us a sign that he has been handing out to those who are willing to help out.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Dragon Discovered

Kaddy Shack News has learned that HackandSlash, our infamous leader, had decided to enter into a peace agreement with the dragon. Our reporter in the London office, Alfred G. Feltcher, has told us that there were very special terms to this agreement which MUST remain a private matter. Hack did say however that "changes have been made" in order to keep the peace.

Well "private matters" do not stop KaddyShack News from getting to the root of the story, so to speak. We have posted what we believe to be "the change" that Hack was speaking of.

(image captured by Alfred's anal cam)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Membership News - New Semi-Pro

Congratz to Martinlp who passed his SP test. Martin is, at this time, a level 45 who has been with the guild since the end of April 2008.

Great job Martin and welcome to the ranks of SP.