Monday, March 2, 2009

Andy245 Goes To The High Seas

Our beloved Andy has joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary unit in Washington State. Of course his first attempt at getting on a boat went badly when he wasn't allowed to be a tugboat captain. Of course when they asked him who would be on his crew and he said Lieutenant Dan and kevinj1, you could probably see that one coming.

"I've always enjoyed water", said Andy, "I drink it all the time. As a matter of fact water makes up most of the earth. Did you know that and isn't that crazy?"

Crazy is the perfect one word to describe Andy. When we asked him what he was going to be doing for the Coast Guard he started off by saying something about Black Beard and Red Beard terrorizing the Puget Sound and he wanted to see if they were with the Russians.

"We had to explain to Andy several times that Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hector Barbossa are fictional characters," said Andy's new captain, Captain Hooker, "He keeps insisting that our crew should be made up of Popeye and Poopdeck Pappy. We've even caught him with the local one legged prostitute here and he keeps calling her The Sea Hag. We just call her Peggy."

"I'm so excited about this new job," said Andy, "I have been practicing at home by playing a lot of minesweeper on the computer. I'm getting pretty good at it too. I've been told that Davy Jones' Locker is even around here somewhere. I'm willing to bet that is what the aliens are looking for. Other than stealing cows milk that is."

So good luck to you Andy in your newest adventure. Hopefully this job will work out for you. Lord knows that if it doesn't the next job we see Andy in will still be on the high seas at Long John Silvers asking if you want fries or hush puppies with your order.

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